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Thank you for coming to say hi, we’re so happy to have you here!

Over the last few months, together we have set up a new virtual home called Pause, with practical tips to help each other through the ups, the downs and all arounds of motherhood.

We first met in 2017, when Izzy booked onto Olivia’s six-week self-care course for mums. Time has flown, and it’s crazy to think that just last year Izzy was writing ‘Mindfulness for Mums’. Little did we know that the year it would be published would be the year our perspective on life would be challenged so drastically.

For all of us, this next chapter has added a heavy layer of uncertainty and worry that will test us in completely new ways. Our hope is that PAUSE can be a place to escape the internal and external noise, a place to find space and time for you – we promise this is possible! – and a place to reconnect with yourself. Basically a great big virtual hug!

As mums we search for that place of stillness, that moment when the house is peaceful and we can hear ourselves think. A chance to pause and reconnect with ‘me’ – instead of the person that seems to be constantly ‘doing’ for others and not doing enough ‘being’ for ourselves! How can we remember in the chaos of being a mum to still remain connected to who we are and what we need? How can we find enough patience through the fog of exhaustion? How can we reconnect to the things that make our hearts sing?

PAUSE gives us the chance to press different buttons to navigate us through the sticky, unwanted, frustrating and exhausting moments of life, with techniques to remind us to be kinder to ourselves, reduce the noise and find some calm.

Pause helps us to literally pause and check in for a moment of calm in the chaos.

Play helps us show up and be more present in a playful way.

Rewind helps us out when our heads get stuck in the past, going over guilt, judgement and regret.

Fast-Forward helps us out when the anxieties of the future feel unsettling – a friendly reminder that we don’t have to do tomorrow today.

Shift helps us when we need to quickly rescue an overwhelming situation – like an SOS!

We also have Children’s World, which we would love for you to explore. Mindfulness for kids is such a powerful gift to share together as a family, and to support our little ones with their wellbeing, which right now is needed more than ever!

We’re excited to share different lifestyle features and edits with you too, including ‘A Day in the Mum Life’, ‘Parenthood: My Story’, ‘Small Brand of the Week’, and all sorts of crafting ideas, fashion edits and mum hacks to keep us entertained. We’d love for Pause to be your go-to hub of creativity, connection and calm.

So let’s press pause together. If we do this kindly and often, it will be so much easier to press play again – with more positivity, perspective, and patience.

Pause. “Time for you so you can be there for them.”

Love, Izzy & Olivia xx

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