Gifts of Gratitude

“My two love decorating and filling up their Jars of Joy. The best bit is emptying out all the scraps of paper at the end of the week and remembering all the happy moments we’ve had.” Love, Izzy x

How does gratitude work?

Improves relationships, sleep & self-esteem

Helps us to love and appreciate the simple things

Relieves stress & supports physical, mental & emotional health

You may have heard a lot about gratitude, and it’s easy to feel like it’s another pressure to add to the plate, especially when it’s hard to feel grateful for all that’s happening in the world right now. So let’s start by saying why it’s worth giving it a go.

Gratitude is quite simply really good for us, body and mind. It helps us to feel more present day-to-day, it balances out that negative inner voice, boosts our self confidence, and helps us cope better with all of life’s curveballs. By training your brain to notice more of the good stuff, we can develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. And like lots of important life skills, it takes practice, so the earlier our kids can start to learn this wonderful gift, the better.

Here are our top three ways to support your kids with gratitude.

1. Notice, Think, Feel, Do: Notice something you appreciate. Think about why you love it and how it came to be. Feel how it makes you feel. Do something to show your thanks. You can help them to write or draw these four steps, or just think or talk about them during the day. Great to also turn it into a dinnertime conversation to support family connection.

2. My Jar of Joy: Grab an empty jar or shoe box, decorate it to your heart’s content, then each day write or draw one or more good things from that day on little pieces of paper, and pop them in the jar. Watch the jar fill up over time with all the wonderful things in your life!

3. Just say thanks: This is like a thank you note (or picture), but instead of saying thanks for a gift, you’re saying thanks to someone just for being in your life. Who are you grateful for? A parent, teacher, friend or sibling? What do they do for you that makes your day just that little bit brighter? Make them a little card, picture or gift to let them know how much they matter.

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