Yums & Yucks

“Some kids like to chat about their day, and others really don’t – I have one of each. This game helps my reluctant one open up a little bit, even if it’s just to tell me that someone farted in phonics!” Love, Olivia x

How does this help?

It helps them tune in with their instincts and make their own individual choices when something doesn’t feel right

It a way to explore what’s going on for them, letting them know that ups and downs are normal and all is welcome

It gives you an alternative to “how was your day”, which is a hard question to answer and often gets a grunt or one word response

This game is a fun way to help your kids tell you about their day, letting them know that both the ups and the downs are welcome. It’s not about what looks or tastes yummy or yucky, it’s about how things feel in their emotions and in their body. If they’ve been at school, someone asking to play with them at breaktime might be a yum, and someone pushing them in the playground might be a yuck. If it’s a weekend or holiday or you’re in lockdown, you’ll know most of what has happened to them, but this is their chance to process how they feel about it.

There’s no right or wrong here, we’re just teaching them to tune in and trust their instincts. Validate all of it and reflect back to them what you see, even if their big yucks sound really trivial to you. It’s also important for them to learn that what felt yummy to someone else might have felt yucky to them, and vice versa – we’re all different, and that’s ok.

If they don’t want to talk, they can write or draw their yums and yucks instead. It’s just about giving them an opportunity to process their experience in a way that works for them. If you haven’t been together, you’ll be bursting to hear their news from school or daycare, but they might just need a bit of space first, especially if it was quite a yucky day. Sometimes it can open a door if you tell them about your day first. Just let them know that you see them, and are here with an ear when they’re ready to share.

Have a go and let us know – what felt yummy and yucky for them today?

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