Boredom Box

“This is a particular favourite during school holidays and lockdown! Lola & Kit enjoy the excitement of not knowing what activity they’re going to get. It’s also a creative activity to make the box itself, and I’m so pleased we have Alison to show us how!”
Love Izzy x

Tolstoy said that “boredom is the desire for desires” – well now they’ll have a box full of their heart’s desires!

It’s really good for kids to get bored – modern life is so overstimulating, and unstructured downtime can help them to develop their creativity, resilience and imagination. It’s also great for problem solving, relationships and self esteem. So we’re not saying that we don’t want the kids to get bored – we’re giving them a tool to figure out the ‘problem’ of boredom by themselves.

Get them to fill this box with their OWN awesome ideas to entertain themselves when the B word shows up, instead of always running to you for a solution. Encourage them to include lots of outdoors, creative and screen free options – once they get started you’ll be amazed what they come up with!

Please let us know as your list could really help to inspire others.

How will this help me?

Boredom helps kids to develop creativity, resilience and self esteem
This box gives them a sense of independence around choosing or designing their own activities
And it gives you a few moments of peace while they get stuck in!

Click here for printable sheet of everything you need for your own Bordeom Boxes!


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