Fast Forward

We have no control over the future, and that’s hard. We exhaust ourselves by fighting with all of tomorrow’s questions. Fast-forward helps us to accept things the way they are, and to focus our energy on the things we can control. To come home to today, so that we can be here, now.

Latest Exercises

Switch Off

Listen here

Power down, it’s time to rest

A relaxing night time audio to ease you into a restful sleep

You Do You

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Permission to Do Things Your Way

How to make choices that work for you and your family

Permission to Pause

Watch here

It's OK to Pause and Breathe

A kind and simple breathing exercise to give yourself a break

Reduce The Noise

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Empty Your Head Before Bed

Journal tips and prompts to help you calm your busy mind

Calm Heart

Listen here

Tell Your Heart it's Gonna Be Ok

Affirmations for anxiety, to bring more calm, confidence and compassion into every day

Square Breath

Watch here

How to Use Your Phone for Calm

A practical breathing exercise to help calm anxiety and ground your energy
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