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I’m so happy to have you at Pause!

Over the last few months, together with my friend and colleague Olivia, we have set up this new virtual home with practical tips to help each other through the ups, the downs and all arounds of motherhood!

Olivia is a wellbeing coach who I met back in 2017, when I booked into her six-week self-care course for mums. This was run in her cosy living room and when each mum arrived, we were greeted with a tray of different herbal teas to choose from (mine was in a pretty pink wrapping called LOVE so it had to be good right?!), candles burning and the realisation that we weren’t alone as we sat down next to each other, all searching for some calm in the chaos of parenthood!

Time has flown since then, and it’s crazy to think that just last year I was writing ‘Mindfulness for Mums’. Little did I know that the year it would be published would be the year our perspective on life would be challenged so drastically.

For all of us, this next chapter has added a heavy layer of uncertainty and worry that will test and shape us in completely new ways.

I hope PAUSE can be your escape from the internal and external noise, a place to find space and time for you – I promise this is possible! – and a place to reconnect with yourself. Basically a great big virtual hug!

“Time for you so you can be there for them.”

Here is a little summary of what to expect on PAUSE;
There are five buttons and within each button we are starting with three tips and tools to help navigate you through the sticky, unwanted, frustrating and anxious feelings into a place of calm, presence, clarity and perspective.

  1. Pause helps us to literally pause and check in for a moment of calm in the chaos. Including our top ten positive affirmations to carry you through the day.
  2. Play helps us show up and be more present in a playful way. Including a mindful movement sequence to help you feel physically present in your body.
  3. Shift helps us when we need to quickly rescue an overwhelming situation – like an SOS! Including a combined mantra and mudra exercise, to take charge of how you feel right now.
  4. Rewind helps us out when our heads get stuck in the past, going over guilt, judgement and regret. Including a full body scan with gratitude, to help you appreciate how incredible you are.
  5. Fast-Forward helps us out when the anxieties of the future feel unsettling – a friendly reminder that we don’t have to do tomorrow today. Including a practical breathing exercise with the help of your phone to help calm anxiety and ground your energy.

We also have Children’s World, which I would love for you to explore. Mindfulness for kids is such a powerful gift to share together as a family, and to support our little ones with their wellbeing, which right now is needed more than ever.

We’re excited to share different lifestyle features and edits with you too, including

A Day in the Mum Life’, from Fearne Cotton who will be sharing an insight into her day. I loved Fearne’s response to her favourite way to switch off in the evening:

“Phone off, bra off, and a foot rub from Jesse if I can persuade him.”

‘Parenthood: My Story’, this week is my own personal struggle to start a family and the things I’ve learnt along the way. It is Baby Loss Awareness this week and there will be a ‘Wave of Light’ which is taking place on Thursday 15th October @7pm to remember all the babies loved and lost by lighting a candle. As ever I want to be as open as possible about the difficulties we faced and our own personal loss to hopefully help others to feel less alone. I dedicate my story this week to all the angels in the sky, some stars will always shine a bit brighter.

‘Small Brand of the Week’, from Anne-Clare at Cotton Twist, who offers sustainable, creative and imaginative crafts, with activities to spark play & help children to embrace mindfulness and make believe.

On a weekly basis we will also be sharing some of our favourite products in ‘Pause Life’, both for you and the children. So to begin, we’ve collated some of our favourite things we’re using on repeat right now – hand sanitisers, trainers, thoughtful children’s books and some ideas for half term activities.

We hope this part of the site inspires you to treat yourself a little, as well as making the search for fun things to do a little easier with the ever changing circumstances.

I hope you enjoy what’s on Pause this month and that it continues to be your go-to hub of creativity, connection and calm.

In time we hope to expand and have a membership zone that will offer bespoke support, online workshops and a chance to dig a bit deeper into topics such as guilt, overwhelm, acceptance, confidence and identity.

If you are a small brand who would like to be featured we would love to hear from you, pop us an email at

Love, Izzy xx
Editor, Pause

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