Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson is founder of Birth Story Hypnobirthing, a qualified hypnobirthing instructor and mama to four year old daughter Sasha.

Swapping digital for the delivery of babies, Nicola spent her formative years managing and creating online content for likes of Jamie Oliver and a handful of the UK’s leading radio stations including Capital, Kiss and Magic FM. Most recently her digital platform Tiny Table not only lent a helping hand to parents seeking family-friendly bites but also united over 400 new mums with her award-nominated Together Table initiative – designed to make motherhood a less lonely place through talk and togetherness. In a step to help even more parents and champion change, Nicola has recently qualified as a hypnobirth instructor and aims to create a whole new chapter for parents seeking a calm, confident & connected experience from pregnancy to parenthood with her new brand – Birth Story Hypnobirthing.


I used to worry. Worry about everything. Worry about worrying. Worry so much I would make myself sick. Worry myself into a house-bound hermit. Worry myself into a state my friends couldn’t comprehend. But where did my anxiety stem from? So my mum told me it was my traumatic birth – an apparently harrowing tale of a teeny, tiny me being malpositioned in the uterus, and after much agonising pushing the only way to whip me out was via an emergency c-section. All sounds rather horrific right?

Whilst I managed to control my pangs of anxiety into adulthood, as soon as my other half and I found out we were pregnant, alongside the overwhelming joy and excitement, those familiar feelings of anxiousness crept back in. In a bid to keep the wobbles of worry at bay and combat the negative tales of birth I’d grown up hearing, I made the decision to seek out hypnobirthing.

Having learnt, lived and loved the process of hypnobirthing with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, which resulted in me confidently and calmly birthing in water, pain-relief free and just a two hour labour, I was passionate about training as a hypnobirth teacher. When the COVID curve-ball struck earlier this year, I thought what better time to bring a sense of calm, confidence and control for mamas than slap bang in the middle of a global pandemic – Birth Story Hypnobirthing was born.

Kickstarting my teaching journey in the middle of such uncertain times has meant many expectant mums (first-time and adding to their existing brood) I’ve met have shared that they’ve never experienced such feelings of fear and anxiety before, especially, when it comes to giving birth. With such heightened sensations present, I share with my clients how essential it is to breathe.

Seems so rudimentary right – we take roughly 20,000 breaths per day but when was the last time you really thought about how breathing can affect our body, mind and for expectant mums – our birth?

The right breath can work wonders – it can create calm, confidence and control. It’s these 3 C’s that power a positive birth experience. Whether natural, VBAC or c-section, mastering the right breath can carry you through any type of birth. But before I share how hypnobirth breathing can help you in birth, it’s vital we understand what happens when negative thoughts bring on the ‘stress breath’.  When we’re full of fear, our breathing becomes shallow and speeds up causing increased levels of agitation and more stress. For pregnant women, this pattern of stress breathing can tighten the abdomen and the jaw, creating tension in the pelvis, the very areas we want to remain comfortable and relaxed for birth.

When expectant mum’s learn hypnobirth breathing, they’re not only are they mastering simple breathwork techniques to birth their baby with ease, but also key skills to carry them through life from the stresses of work to handling a toddler tantrum!

So why is hypnobirth breathing SO helpful…

1. DEEPENS RELAXATION – The slow rhythmical movement of a hypnobirth breath allows us to slow down the pace, create more peace and elevate our state of relaxation – ensuring we’re totally calm and relaxed when it comes to birthing our baby.

2. BRINGS FOCUS & INSIGHT – By sending focus to your breath, you can quickly bring clarity and insight to your thoughts.

3. CREATES SPACE – Did you know that by inhaling with a calm, controlled breath you not only create space for baby by expanding the uterus muscles but you’re expelling any harmful toxins within your body.

4. WELCOMES ENERGY & MINIMISES PAIN – As well as creating a deeper sense of relaxation, the boost of oxygen that hypnobirthing breathwork brings can enhance your energy levels and brighten your mood. When our ‘feel-good’ hormones are stimulated that’s when our body’s natural pain relief kicks in, thus minimising pain in labour.

5. TEACHES YOU TO BREATHE IN THE ‘MOMENT’ – It sounds corny, but we can only breathe in the ‘now’. By being present and breathing for that moment, we’re not worrying about how uncomfortable the next surge will be, how long labour will take, etc.

Who would have thought that just with a few breaths in and out you could switch up the mind, body and achieve a more positive birth for both you and your baby? Fancy mastering three breathing techniques to create calm from delivery room to daily life?  Head to to find the right hypnobirthing course for you and snap up our launch offer of £100 OFF 1:1 classes which include a welcome call, 4 classes, 1 refresher class before birth, 365 teacher text and full course tracks and materials.

My Favourite Way to Pause

If I can indulge in a massage, this is probably one of my favourite ways to pause. 1 hour to lie down, switch off and soothe my muscles before tending to mama duties once again!

My Favourite Way to Play

Despite telling my daughter not to play with her food, one of my favourite ways to play is bringing family and friends around a table to play out a leisurely meal. From lazy brunches to date night dinners…oh and not forgetting a cheeky gin martini.

Explore more about Nicola and book your Birth Story Hypnobirthing below!

Head to to find the right hypnobirthing course for you and take up their launch offer of £100 OFF 1:1 classes which include a welcome call, 4 classes, 1 refresher class before birth, 365 teacher text and full course tracks and materials.

SOCIALS: @birthstoryhypnobirthing



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