Zoe Kirby

Zoë Kirby is a Nutritional Therapist, yoga teacher and mother of three, with a special interest in family nutrition and wellbeing.

After studying Psychology at Oxford University, I spent a brief spell in the corporate world, before realising it wasn’t my thing, and left to pursue a career in nutrition.  I have always been fascinated about how our bodies and minds work and saw first-hand the transformative effect that the right nutrition can have when my sister was ill with M.E. as a child.  I have worked with individuals and businesses over the last 20 years, offering tailored nutritional advice, and I now run workshops and online courses in family nutrition.  I also trained as a yoga teacher 5 years ago and have been teaching in-person and online classes since then.

I am passionate about empowering families to make long-term, sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle, and I help them to set achievable goals to improve everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.  Since having my 3 children, I am able to bring my own experience of motherhood to help my clients set realistic health goals that fit in with their busy lives.  My children have been my best teachers, and I love sharing my passion for food with them, getting them involved in the kitchen, as well as family meal planning and growing vegetables in the garden.

What are the questions you most regularly hear?

People often ask me how to get their kids to eat more vegetables. My eldest was the fussiest eater as a toddler, so I know how stressful this can be, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way! I would say focus on the long term and try to keep meals stress-free. Keep on offering them healthy choices at every meal, and if they don’t eat it, it’s not a big deal, but do keep offering a wide variety of vegetables, even ones they have refused, so they become familiar and one day I promise they will eat them!

Myth Busting

‘Healthy eating is too boring/time-consuming/complicated/expensive’ – It’s just not! I believe it is not only achievable but simple and affordable to feed your family a healthy, whole food diet, that could transform their mental and physical wellbeing. It just requires a shift in mindset away from some of the unhelpful cultural messages we have grown up with around food and health.


Top 5 Tips

1.     Drink more water – it will benefit your energy, concentration, digestion and skin health

2.     Eat the rainbow – different coloured foods ensure you are getting a wider range of nutrients

3.     Diversity – aim for 30 different plant foods a week to support your gut health

4.     If kids are involved in growing, choosing and preparing food, they are more likely to eat it

5.     Eat together as a family as often as you can – kids learn best from watching you!


Favourite Way to Pause?

Walking outside in nature – one part of our lockdown routine I’d like to keep.

Favourite Way to Play?

Turning up our favourite tunes and singing and dancing in the kitchen – a great mood booster!


My Family Food Course starts on 18th Jan 2021, 4 weeks of online support, practical tips and nutrition education to make your life easier and improve your family’s wellbeing.  Pause members can use the code JAN10 for £10 off at checkout. Sign up now at

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