Jenna and her business partner first met 12 years ago while working together as Buyer Assistants for Habitat. After both having successful careers in buying, they discussed starting up their own business, as they knew what a great partnership they would make especially after working with each other previously and becoming such good friend’s. Since becoming Mums, this gave them the drive and passion to work for themselves to have that work life balance they always wanted.

I’m Originally a Scots gal from Edinburgh who studied Fashion & Textile design management in the borders in Scotland. After completing a 2 month internship for Penhaligons Head office in Knightsbridge for their design department, I fell in love with London and knew I had to move there. I moved in 2009, shortly after graduating from uni to work as a Buyers Assistant for Habitat. My career moved into luxury Interior Design at Taylor Howes and I worked there for 9 years, progressing in the company in various roles to Senior product Manager, where I helped develop their first furniture collection. After being made redundant I took the opportunity to start up La Di Dah with my business partner and try a new adventure.

My family is everything to me and working for myself allows me to have the freedom to see my children grow up, Which gives me the passion and drive to be successful and inspire my girls one day.

We decided to start a party box company with the concept of not only making party organising easy for parents and stress free, but to offer fun and stylish decorations that both children and their parents would enjoy and be proud of, without the expense of a party planner! I was trying to organise my daughters Birthday party and wanted to put something really special together for her, but didn’t have the time to shop around as a busy mum of two. I then had the idea, if only i could order something online that has everything i need that looks fun and stylish all in one box.  I then approached my friend, who is now my business partner, and asked her if she would like to start a business with me. We then started to think about how we could utilise our professional skills and creative passion to come up with ideas that would enable us to work together!

I love being creative and using my imagination to bring an idea we both have to life. I have a great eye for detail and as soon as I see a product I can instantly visualise what the party set up will look like, before we have even put it together. After working and studying in design it comes naturally to me, so I wanted to be able to share that creative flair with my customers and help others create those special memories for their loved ones on a special day like I do for my family. Childhood memories are so important and for me, birthdays in my childhood were always memorable and I wanted to share that passion with others. Everything we do is through fun and laughter, our company ethos is all about taking the time to source stylish products that will capture your child’s imagination and bring joy to any occasion by socialising and celebrating with family and friends to make those milestone event’s special.

Everything we buy is ethically sourced and we encourage our customers to save and reuse our decorations. We try our hardest to source items that are eco friendly and can be recycled where possible. We work very closely with our suppliers and have noticed a lot of them are moving in that direction.

Jessica Diner an Editor for Vogue, did a lovely feature about La di dah in mini vogue online and added a link to our website, after that feature we had a lot of people purchase our decoration and party boxes and that’s when we thought this is going to work. Vogue is my all time favourite magazine, as i studied Fashion and Textile design and Vogue was my bible for inspiration! That was a huge highlight for me, as it was La di dah’s first ever feature and we felt so grateful for her support and to be featured on a huge platform like Vogue!

Im most proud of our Mermaid box, as it’s very popular and really fun as you can be really creative with the item’s we provide in the box. We include lanterns and crepe paper so you can make your own jelly fish and really bring the theme to life. Not only is it a fun party theme, but a great activity to do with your children.

Aloha is another one of my favourites. It’s mainly aimed at grown up’s to add some fun to a drinks party or BBQ with friends. It’s full of pink flamingos and tropical palm leaves. Even if we are indoors on a winters day it really brightens up the mood! It’s also a great thing to send someone if they are having a ‘Covid Birthday’ inside with family!

Space party is another great theme, as you can use the decorations like the space planets, rockets and garlands afterwards to decorate your child’s bedroom, or create a little space themed den for reading books. This is something we encourage our customers to do, rather than just throw everything away.

We have lots of ideas and plans for La Di Dah. We are currently in the process of sourcing beautiful items to put together some gift boxes to pair with our themes. One of our most popular party boxes is our botanical baby shower and we want to grow this collection by creating a gift box that our customers can purchase as a present to give to new parents.

With everything going on right now we still want to provide decorations so people can celebrate these special moments, even if just for Zoom!

Knowing what i know now, the advice i would give myself at the beginning is to research exactly how to market your own business. We were so busy concentrating on everything else, that once we launched we thought, wait a minute, how do we actually get our name out there other than social media! This is an area that neither of us knew about, so it’s important to speak to other people who have their own business and learn from them. Growing a business takes time, so it’s important to be patient and to grow gradually and focus on what you have achieved in the present, without looking too far ahead into the future. I’m a big dreamer, so I sometimes get ahead of myself.

What’s my favourite way to Pause? Putting on a good face mask while relaxing in a bath with my Diptyque candle ( Gardenia if my husband is reading as it remind me of my wedding day) and reading one of my favourite magazines or listening to a podcast. It’s very rare I get the time to do this, so it’s a real treat when I do!

What’s my favourite way to Play? I love to dance to music like no one is watching with my two girls, it’s just a chance to be silly and all have some fun together as a family. This was something we all did a lot of during lockdown to lift our spirits. When I’m not spending time with my girls, I love to have date nights with my Hubby or go for dinner with friends, red wine and cheese is my all time favourite.

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