We’re hard wired for ‘doing’, and it’s burning us out. Never stopping, always on. So Pause is here to help us do more ‘being’. To use our body, breath and senses to plant some roots in the moment and really show up in our lives. Welcome to these small pauses that make a big difference.

Latest Exercises

Press For Calm

Watch here

Release Your Own Calm

A reflexology exercise we can all do, from Joanna Spriggs

A Gift For You

Read here

Because You Deserve It

How and why to give a little something back to yourself

Tea Break

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Give Yourself a Hug on the Inside

How to drink your tea mindfully, by engaging all your senses

Morning Mantra

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

Our top ten positive affirmations to carry you through the day

Hello Me

Listen here

Meet Yourself, Here and Now

A mindful, kindful check in for your body, breath, heart & mind

Press Pause

Watch here

Before You Play, Press Pause & Breathe

A step-by-step animation to help you take a moment to pause
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