A Gift For You

“This is a great reminder for a self-care top-up. For me personally it’s a longer walk home from the school run with a podcast, or a loud singalong in the kitchen when no-one is listening! I hope you enjoy a simple gift just for you, because you deserve it.” Love Izzy x

How will this help?

Stress builds up gradually over time, so we need to counteract that with regular destressing

It’s hard to find big chunks of time to unwind properly, so doing it in mini doses is easier to manage

We need to be deliberate about self care otherwise it just falls down the priority list, so scheduling it in makes it more likely to happen

We put so much focus onto everyone else’s needs that we forget to pause and notice what we need ourselves. This is an invitation to schedule something nourishing for yourselves during the day. Whether the kids are in school or daycare, or you still have little ones at home with you, it supports the whole family when you look after yourself and keep your cup topped up. This is something for you, so that you can be there for them.

Maybe it’s a solo walk home from the school run with that podcast you’ve been meaning to plug into. Maybe you can ask another mum for a distanced coffee so you can recharge with some adult conversation. Maybe for you it’s exercise, music, nature, or a soak in the bath – whatever fills your cup. It doesn’t have to take time or money, it’s just about a shift in focus, and can be as simple as taking a few deliberate breaths in and out as you drink your coffee, sitting down and while it’s still hot. Sounds simple, but do this little and often and the benefits really add up.

Of course we all need to get to work to tackle the emails, or get home to tackle the mess, or answer the thousandth “mummmeeeeee” of the day.

But let’s press pause briefly first, before all the to-dos, and make a deliberate choice about how to spend our very precious energy. Make a pause date with yourself and put it in the diary.

We all deserve pockets of joy, space, peace and energy. Self care is not a selfish indulgent luxury – it’s an essential lifeline for the whole family. So pause first, in whatever way that works for you, so that when you press play on all the other things, it will all flow that little bit easier.

What will be your gift for today?

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