Morning Mantra

“I like to start the day by setting a positive intention. It helps me set the tone for the day ahead.” Love, Izzy x

How do affirmations work?

Help you take charge of your thoughts, turning negative into positive

Boost your resilience, confidence and motivation

Offer you perspective on life’s big and small stresses

Here are our top ten affirmations to sprinkle a bit of positivity through your day. You can stick them on your fridge or mirror, carry the list in your handbag or just save it on your phone. Say it like you mean it, then send them to a friend who could do with a little boost.

I am here now, in my body, in this moment

I give my body and mind permission to pause

I am a kind, loving and compassionate friend to myself

I deserve to feel calm, healthy and happy

I surround myself with positive and supportive people

I make choices that work for me and my family

I release worry, judgement and comparison

I welcome ease, acceptance and forgiveness

I focus my energy on the things I can control

I do enough, I have enough, I am enough

You can even have a go at writing your own! Just follow the 3 P’s to make your mantras first Person, Present tense and Positive: Here’s an example:

I (first Person) am (Present tense) calm (Positive)

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