Tea Break

“One of my most nourishing ways to pause in the day is with a cuppa as it is something that is always in my daily routine. I usually try to time it for when the kids are entertained so i can have a chance to sit and recharge!”

Love, Izzy x

Why eat and drink mindfully?

Choosing a simple, regular event like a cup of tea for this tip gives you a ready made reminder to take mindful pauses in your day

Noticing all the sensations brings you into the present moment and helps you enjoy your food & drink more

Good, conscious choices around nutrition and hydration will support all of your body’s systems and processes

Time to pause and give yourself a hug on the inside with your favourite brew. Here’s how you can pour a little mindfulness into your cup.

Feel the weight and heat of the mug in your hands, watch the steam rising, breathe in the aroma, and feel it filling you up with warmth as you sip. Notice how it feels to give yourself permission to pause for a proper cuppa – then make time to drink it sitting down, and while it’s still hot enough to count as tea!

You can use this tip for loads of everyday mini-events, so have a play around and let us know how you get on.

It’s a chance to show up in the moment, pay attention, and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

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