Are You Having a Laugh?

“Some days it’s laugh or cry, isn’t it?! And goodness knows we all need a laugh this year. Comedy might not take away the virus, but it can definitely turn around your mood for a bit.” Love, Olivia x

Why is laughter good for you?

Relieves depression, anxiety and pain

Relaxes body and mind

Boosts happy hormones

Laughing helps to relieve depression, pain and anxiety. It stimulates and relaxes your whole system, giving your organs a workout and your relationships a boost.

Kids laugh hundreds of times every day – us grown ups way less! So find something that tickles you and get your giggles on – maybe it’s silliness with the kids, catching up with a mate on the phone, or finding a funny and uplifting sitcom or podcast.

And pay attention to what else you’re digesting and how it makes you feel – if too much social media or news is bringing you down, try switching over to something lighter instead.

Adulting can be seriously hard work – sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to play.

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