Make Your Heart Sing

“Music and my violin have been the reconnection I have needed when feeling like I’m just mum to everybody! It gives me a release and an outlet to communicate emotions without words. It has been so important for me, especially in recent months. I hope you enjoy going back to something you love.” Love Izzy x

Why make time for this?

  • You are more than just a parent – we owe it to ourselves to honour all the other parts of our identity too
  • It feels great to make the choice to do something purely for joy and pleasure, and a little joy can go a long way!
  • You might just ignite a magic or passion in your kids too

As parents it’s easy to lose sight of who we are, and lose touch with our joy, when we’re so busy looking after everyone else. We forget to make time for the interests and hobbies that bring us confidence, joy, and a sense of our true identity outside of being a mum. ‘Who am I’ can be a really hard question when you’re drowning in grown up responsibilities.

This is your permission to reignite something that lights you up and brings you joy, because we all deserve something in our lives that makes our hearts sing.

Is there something within reach for you like music, a specific type of exercise, crafting, nature, cooking just for pleasure, or dance? These things are easy to fit in alongside your everyday routine, but we forget to do them because everything else seems more pressing.

Maybe there are other things like travel or socialising that really light you up, which can be more tricky with a young family (never mind in 2020!), so ask yourself what you get from those activities and then consider available alternatives until the real thing feels easier. There’s so much for free online now, this doesn’t have to cost you any money, but it’s definitely worth spending a little time.

Is there something that you want or need to do by yourself, or with specific people, or perhaps you can get the whole family involved and share your passion with them?

Maybe you don’t have a specific passion you’d like to return to, but would love to discover something new – so have a browse around some blogs, or ask your friends for suggestions.

Whatever you’re into, it feels really good to reconnect with it. What are some small ways you can rediscover these parts of you that have been buried under all the piles of washing?

“Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music” – Mac Anderson


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