Why be nicer to myself?

Helps you stress less and love yourself more

Boosts your resilience, confidence and motivation

Improves immune function & heart health

“Sometimes when that niggling critic won’t leave your side, it can help to send yourself a quick text to remind you just how awesome you are! Something like “this phase will pass”, “you are not alone” or “you are enough”. Love, Izzy x

Write a letter to yourself as if from your BFF, who thinks you are the absolute bees knees. We all give ourselves such a crazy hard time trying to reach for impossible standards. So this time, give yourself permission to be your own friend and superfan. Choose kinder words, softer rules and fewer judgements. Lift her up and have her back. Which things is she acing at the moment? What doesn’t feel hard that maybe used to? What do other people admire in her? It’s ok if you don’t have time for a whole letter – send yourself a quick text instead. Just tell her she’s doing an incredible job. That she’s enough. Because you are.

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