Sometimes it just all kicks off and we need help, fast. Help to refocus and recharge. So that we can respond with love instead of reacting out of frustration. Welcome to your pick’n’mix of SOS snacks to help you pull it back.

Latest Exercises

Bumble Bee

Watch here

Give Your Brain a Rest

A breathing exercise to soothe tired eyes and calm a busy head

Red Flags

Read here

Listen to Your Body

How and why to tune into your warning signals

Wishy Washy

Read here

Twenty Seconds of Mindful Presence

How to make your hand washing more nourishing for body and mind

Hit Refresh

Read here

Grab Yourself a Quick Hydration Boost

Simply taking the time for a refreshing drink of water

Say It Out Loud

Listen here

Big Feels? Name It to Tame It

Shift the mood by acknowledging your feelings and locating them in your body

Calm Begins With Me

Watch here

Need Some Calm? Coming Right Up!

A combined mantra and mudra exercise, to take charge of how you feel right now
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