Hit Refresh

Why drink water?

Support brain & muscle function & boost energy

Reduce sugar cravings & control your appetite

Prevent & relieve headaches, constipation, kidney issues & anxiety

“When I’m sleep deprived (which is most of the time) I want to snack all day! I try to replace it with a glass of water as it really does help to boost my energy. Next time you fill up your children’s water bottles, fill up yours too!” Love Izzy x

Pour yourself a big glass of water (hot or cold, you choose) and sip it slowly, til it’s gone. Notice the weight of the glass or mug in your hand, and how the water feels going from the glass into your mouth, down your throat and into your tummy. If you don’t like plain water you can flavour it with some fruit or herbs as you fancy. Then let the drink wash away your worries and feel the calming and refreshing effects this hydration boost has on your whole body and mind.

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