Wishy Washy

“This was one of my faves, even before COVID – now there’s more overwhelm that needs shifting, and more need for handwashing, so it’s win win!” Love, Olivia x

Why pay attention to something so basic?

Mindfully engaging all your senses helps you to feel more present in the moment

If you have to do something a thousand times a day, it may as well be nourishing!

Life is woven in between these simple routines – turn a frustrating and boring necessity into a moment of calm and relief

Next time you wash your hands, really pause to take in what’s happening.
Watch the bubbles forming, hear the water running, smell the fragrance of the soap, and notice how the water feels on your skin.

Paying attention to the here and now really helps to ground your energy and calm your racing mind. And rather than resenting the 465th time you’ve had to wash your hands that day (anyone else?!), we can feel grateful for the access to clean running water and our choice of soap, and then a soft towel to dry our hands on – these mini pockets of positivity can really make a difference.

Then take a chance to reach for some nourishing moisturiser (dry hands come with the sanitiser territory so check out our hand cream edit) and give yourself a mini hand massage before – or while! – you crack on with the next part of your day.

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